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Articles By: Aaron Cooley-Themm

NCAA Football 14 Preview

/ May 22nd, 2013 It’s almost that time of year: fresh cut grass, dew settling on each blade, the sun cresting the edge of 0 comments continue reading >>

Five Xbox 720 Games We Want Revealed at the Microsoft Event

/ May 7th, 2013 The next generation of gaming will shift into high gear on May 21 when Microsoft announces the first details 2 comments continue reading >>

Will Battlefield 4 Impress or Be Just Another FPS?

/ Apr 11th, 2013 Taking the time to watch the entire Battlefield 4 demo posted by Electronic Arts and DICE does take diligence; 2 comments continue reading >>

How Crysis 3 Can Break Through the Tired FPS Mold

/ Mar 26th, 2013 When talking first person shooters, the first that come to mind are likely the heavy artillery of Call of 0 comments continue reading >>

Can Madden 25 Build on the Success of Madden 13?

/ Mar 7th, 2013 If you are a fan of football games and have been looking for Madden to do something different since 5 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Has to Bring Exclusives Forward for the Xbox 720

/ Mar 7th, 2013 The next generation is upon us in the world of video games. Whether you consider it starting with the 4 comments continue reading >>

Why DmC and Tomb Raider are the Most Important Games of 2013

/ Feb 19th, 2013 When you take a moment to look at the landscape of video games for the upcoming year you can’t 3 comments continue reading >>

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