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Anna’s Quest Review: Dark Fairy Tales

/ Jul 2nd, 2015 No Comments

Anna's Quest

Mixing author Dane Krams‘ twisted fairy tale with classic point-and-click elements brings Anna’s Quest to life via Steam. We got to see a teaser at E3 2015, but the full game proves there’s more to it than we saw during the video presentation.

Sadly, Anna’s Quest is a bit static and the point-and-click action offers nothing new or unique. Where Anna’s Quest shines is in its story and presentation.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Anna’s Quest begins when Anna’s grandfather is presumed ill. She must venture outside the safety of her home to help him. As with any good fairy tale, she is immediately kidnapped and must escape and find a cure for her grandfather’s ailments.

Along the way, Anna encounters a number of friends who help her on the journey. Ben, a loveable teddy bear who used to be a boy, is the first character players encounter.

Anna's Quest

Well… not quite a picnic persay.

The cute narrative is trickled with dark elements that provide the fairy tale aesthetic. While Anna’s quest is noble and pure, she encounters deaths and other mature content along the way. Powerful voice acting helps sell the plot, adding tone and inflection to multidimensional characters.


Following standard point-and-click procedure, Anna’s Quest has players click objects to interact with them or drag them across the screen to interact with each other. Having Anna look through a chair may yield some useful item, which may then be combined with something else to solve a puzzle. This straightforward approach allows gamers familiar with the genre to dive in quickly, but there is nothing unique about it. Anna’s Telekinesis is the highlight of the game, as it adds another tool in problem solving.

Anna's Quest

Someone came to the wrong neighborhood.

Anna’s telekinesis ability allows her to grab objects out of reach, but these sometimes drop into a crack and need some other tool to be wedged out. Instead of telekinesis breaking open the game and making it too easy, developer Daedalic integrates well into gameplay.

Melodic Fairytale Tunes

The game’s storybook-like appearance fits well with the atmosphere. Sound syncing is occasionally broken, which can be a distraction. However, a fine score is befitting of the storybook tale. Light and jaunty themes populate the game, providing a whimsical feel. Much like Anna, the music is light and classical but has an air of mystery.

Anna's Quest

The sounds of cooking, a hungry stomach and some old woman staring me down menacingly… good to be home!

Voice acting leaves something to be desired, especially in moments when sound and gameplay are not synced properly, but voice actors mostly fill their duty to give some vocal tone to characters.

Despite its dark elements, Anna’s Quest seems like it was designed for younger audiences, and the stylistic choices hammer that in further.

To Quest or Not to Quest

To quest is the answer. Despite having some obvious shortcomings with visuals and sound, Anna’s Quest is worth playing for those interested in modern fairy tales. The story is what drives the game, and the plot makes up for some of the game’s flaws.

Anna’s Quest is out now for PC and Mac.

Anna’s Quest was reviewed on PC using a code for the game provided by the publisher.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Associate Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Greg is a Nintendo fanboy who would cry if they ever went third party. He writes news, previews and reviews at Gaming Illustrated.
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Gaming Illustrated RATING



The point-and-click gameplay works, but there is hardly anything unique or innovative about it.


Graphics are not overly impressive, but they do fit in well with the game's fairy tale aesthetic.


Good music compositions help further the fairy tale feel.


Anna's quest fairy tale adventures are the strongest aspect of the game.

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