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Agents of Mayhem Announced by Deep Silver

/ Jun 13th, 2016 No Comments

Agents of Mayhem

Saints Row is to Grand Theft Auto what The Great Dictator is to Downfall. In other words, the Saints Row series is one of big laughs and even bigger characters. While there doesn’t appear to be a new Saints Row in the works, Volition and Deep Silver, the creators of Saints Row, announced Agents of Mayhem, an open-world, third-person shooter set in a far future that may tie into the Saints Row universe.

Gang Affiliation

While Agents of Mayhem doesn’t look to have any direct ties to Saints Row, there are hints that the franchise will be acknowledged. Near the end of the official announcement trailer, a mysterious backer asks if the agents aren’t just “a street gang,” a clear nod to the Third Street Saints.

Then, a Saints-like emblem is promptly shown at one point as long with a lot of purple, the Saints signature color.

The game’s official website states that fans of the Saints Row games will be in for some “surprises” to be announced at a later date. The heavy speculation is that Agents of Mayhem takes place in a future that exists within the Saints Row universe, or possibly an alternate timeline.

Stunt Doubling

We still don’t know much about Agents of Mayhem, but it looks like it’s taking the extremely over-the-top elements of Saints Row 4 and expanding on them. Many have noted that Agents of Mayhem appears to take inspiration from games like Crackdown and Borderlands, both in style and in gameplay.

Each character in the video seemed to showcase a unique ability, including a long hook, drones, and a stunt double, although that last one appears to just be some tongue-in-cheek humor as opposed to an actual ability.

Agents of Mayhem

Robots and massive explosions. I’m sold.

As of now though, most of this is speculation. The official website has confirmed a squad-based mechanic in which players pick from a roster and then can switch between characters in combat.

No word on multiplayer is listed yet, but the presumption can be made that it will exist, considering the cooperative nature of the most recent Saints Row titles.

The Big Wait

Deep Silver will have an E3 presence this year, which is good news for fans hoping to hear more. At the time of writing, there is no official announcement on how much we can expect to hear about Agents of Mayhem at E3, but odds are it will be showcased in some form.

Agents of Mayhem

Women can be action heroes too? You’re doing Lara Croft proud.

Saints Row IV was considered a great open-world game and a surprisingly impressive super-hero game. The Saints series has always put forward a face of crass humor and over-powered dildo weapons, but fans know it to be a franchise of intuitive gameplay, quality voice acting and well thought-out stories.

If Agents of Mayhem is even half as good as the last Saints Row game, it will be well worth keeping an eye on at E3 and beyond.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

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