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Ada Wong Campaign and Agent Hunt Mode Announced for RE6

/ Aug 9th, 2012 No Comments

Resident Evil 6

As if there wasn’t enough content in Resident Evil 6 already, Capcom has announced two more items available to fans when the game hits shelves this fall. Ada Wong, femme fatale extraordinaire and fan favorite, will be starring in her own campaign in the game.

As a side story to the three main campaigns, Ada’s gameplay will be unlocked once players finish Chris, Leon and Jake’s campaigns. With a total of four campaigns in a single game, gamers will definitely get their money’s worth.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

Those that played Left 4 Dead and it’s sequel know too well how fun it is to play as a zombie and try to hunt down survivors. Well, you have a new game to look forward to if you weren’t already. RE6 has announced Agent Hunt mode, which will allow players to experience gameplay as a zombie, J’avo or C-virus infected. As an agent hunter, players will invade others’ sessions online and try to kill them off. Each type of infected has a unique ability which gamers will be able to use to eliminate the humans. This mode will also unlock when one finishes a campaign. But don’t worry, you’ll only need to finish one of the main stories to unlock it.

Agent Hunt mode will work a bit differently than most zombie gameplay modes. One must first complete either Leon, Chris or Jake’s campaign to unlock that corresponding stage of Agent Hunt. When that player starts an online session, they will have the option of turning on Agent Hunt mode. When in the lobby, game sessions from around the world will be open for option that allow hunters in their game. The player can then choose which session to play, then start mutating their way to gory victory.

Only certain stages will be available for Agent Hunt. It will depend on which campaign you finish. Only two separate hunters can join one session at a time. Once you die in the game, you will re-spawn in that same session but as a different type of enemy. However, if a player succeeds and eliminates the agent in that session, the option of joining another one is available.

As for the agents, either a single player can join with an AI parter or two players in co-op mode. Once the agent is killed, the game is over. However, if a hunter chooses to quit the game before the agents are killed, the game will continue with AI enemies.

Resident Evil 6 is due for release on October 2 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If all this new stuff wasn’t enough, if you pre-order the game through the Capcom store online, you’ll receive a premium full sized umbrella designed with the Umbrella Corporation logo. I’d say that’s definitely worth it.

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores

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