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A Hat in Time Kickstarting a Collect-a-thon Rejuvination

/ May 31st, 2013 No Comments

A Hat in Time
A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

Gears for Breakfast started a kickstarter to fund their collect-a-thon platformer, A Hat in Time.

The independent developer out of Copenhagen, Denmark began their crowd funding project with a goal of $30,000 on May 29. The developer has successfully funded their initial goal in only a few days. At this rate, Gears for Breakfast should be able to reach several of their stretch goals by the time the kickstarter finishes.

[adsense250itp]Stretch goals for A Hat in Time include Developer Commentary throughout the entire game for reaching $40,000. At $50,000 the game will receive a co-op mode allowing gamers to experience the game with a fun multiplayer experience inspired by the fan-release multiplayer for Super Mario 64. The more ambitious stretch goals will unlock a 6th chapter at $80,000, full voice acting for all spoken dialogue at $95,000 and a final 7th bonus chapter at $110,000. Currently, Developer Commentary and co-op has been reached with the rate of support many of the other stretch goals may be hit.

Most of the work currently done on A Hat in Time has been completed with zero budget by the 8 person team. A highly impressive feat considering the team works full-time jobs and some are still in school. Gears for Breakfast is dedicated to making the game a reality and the kickstarter began as a realization that passion alone will not allow them to complete the game at their current pace. The crowd funding will allow them to finish the difficult process of developing the game (an arduous undertaking the fully recognize) and to make the game better. Their kickstarter details exactly how the initial goal will be budgeted to help them complete A Hat in Time.

A Hat in Time

Out to save this charming world.

A Hat in Time is a platformer that channels the spirit of early collect-a-thon games on the Nintendo 64, but with a desire to revitalize the sluggish genre. Players will take control of the charming and daring interstellar-traveling Hat Kid. This young lady has the difficult task of keeping time from falling apart by collecting scattered time pieces. Yet along the way, her altruistic goals to keep time in order will be challenged by the nefarious Mustache Girl, who wants to use the chaos and time travel for her own means.

As the developer has stated on its official website and kickstarter, A Hat in Time draws influence from many of the seminal platformers from the N64 era. It is clear from screenshots and the kickstarter trailer that their citing of Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong 64 as inspirations will inform much of how this game will play. While these sources are evident from the assets currently available, there is also plenty drawn from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Pyschonauts (and other DoubleFine games) in the game’s style, quirk and whimsy.

A Hat in Time

If only Marry Poppins was half as adorable.

Lest the game seem to be nothing but nostalgia, A Hat in Time aims to add meaningful combat to the collect-a-thon platformer genre. Hat Kid can jump, slide and double jump. She can even wall jump! Those platformer foundations will be augmented by Hat Kid’s trusty umbrella that will give this platformer some punch. A Hat in Time gives players the chance to participate in combat that will reward them with items and new skills. As the story progresses, Hat Kid will unlock upgrades to the umbrella that include a ground pound, a hookshot and pogo abilities. This allows players and Hat Kid to engage in significant and dynamic combat.

A Hat in Time

The art style for A Hat in Time is visually arresting.

The game will be split into 5 different chapters (with 2 additional chapters as possible stretch goals) that sees Hat Kid traversing some colorful and diverse worlds.  The current chapters see Hat Kid exploring a town ruled by a bunch of mafia chefs. Not only does she need to defeated these burly chefiosos, but she will need to prevent the town from being swallowed up by lava. Chapter 2 finds Hat Kid in the Subcon Forest. Here she will have to save the ominous forest while having to combat a trifecta of villains in The Snatcher, the Moonjumper and Timmy! During all these chapters, Hat Kid’s nemesis Mustache Girl will be causing trouble for her. The final three chapters are still in development, but will see Hat Kid moving through a desert and the moon.

While the plans are currently focused on a Windows and Mac version of the game (with hopes to be on Steam through Steam Greenlight), Gears for Breakfast is also seeking a publisher down the road to bring the experience to Nintendo’s Wii U. A platform that the developer recognizes as a great fit because it is because the Big N and their games have had such an influence on the game. Nothing is concrete and that is a ways off. However, seeing A Hat in Time available alongside the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD later this year would be great.

To help Gears for Breakfast make A Hat in Time the best game possible, help fund their kickstarter and go vote for A Hat in Time on Steam Greenlight.

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Kalvin Martinez

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