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9 Tips for Dealing with the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation

/ Nov 11th, 2014 No Comments

After a 35-year wait, Alien: Isolation finally delivered the Alien video game fans deserved. However, the game is not without its flaws. Isolation can be exhausting and punishing, but the right strategy will help players advance through a long campaign without harm. If the pesky xenomorph is giving you troubles, follow these tips to avoid dying a terrible death.

1. An Unstoppable Force

In most video games, the objective is to kill the game’s ultimate villain. As players make their way through Alien: Isolation, the xenomorph will stalk them through each level, so it is easy to think the game is leading up to an eventual showdown with the alien, but that is simply not true.

Alien: Isolation

There is no killing the xenomorph.

It is important to know that the xenomorph cannot be killed. Bullets will not affect it, and there is no weak spot to find on the alien. Instead, it is mostly invincible. Don’t waste effort attempting to fire rounds of ammo into its brain. Embrace the xenomorph’s invincibility and find a good hiding spot when it is nearby.

2. Survival Collection

In order to survive on the xenomorph’s Sevastopol space station, Amanda Ripley will need all the supplies she can get. Amanda will be able to use scraps and items found throughout the space station to bring the game’s more frustrating moments from impossible to just difficult.

Alien Isolation tech

Stop and scavenge for any supplies when you can.

Remember to search around for any supplies or storage areas while exploring the Sevastopol, especially during less tense moments. When item slots are full, empty them out by using the items to make room for more.

3. Do It Yourself

Collecting scraps is not just for the fun of it. Players can enter the crafting menu and use those seemingly useless items to build helpful tools, such as noisemakers and pipe bombs.

Alien crafting

Crafting items is key to survival.

Be sure to find all blueprints for these items and keep a few of each handy at all times. Resourceful players shouldn’t have a tough time replacing used items, so don’t be afraid to throw a well-timed noisemaker or use a health booster when necessary.

4. Silence is Golden

The xenomorph doesn’t have great vision, but its hearing is excellent. If it is nearby, it will pick up ambient sounds, including when Amanda enters lockers or crawls through vents. When the alien is close, be sure to stay quiet and keep movement to a minimum.

Alien Isolation tech

The motion tracker emits a loud beeping sound.

What some players may not realize is that all sounds can be picked up by the xenomorph. The perpetual beeping sound from the motion tracker will attract the creature, so only take a quick glance at it to check how far away the xenomorph is and quickly put it down.

5. Hold Your Breath

The game will prompt players to find hiding spots in lockers and cabinets. Using these areas is essential for surviving as the xenomorph roams around areas, but Amanda is not completely safe in them. The creature will lurk around lockers, and it can hear Amanda if she is not careful.

Alien xenomorph

Hiding spots are not always safe.

In order to avoid a slimy death, players need to press down the left trigger to make Amanda hold her breath. Players also must use the left stick to lean back in the locker, further hiding from a suspecting alien.

6. Running is Healthy

After players begin to explore the Sevastopol and the alien has made its presence known, paranoia begins to set in. Players begin to wonder what lurks around every corner and behind each door. Crouching and advancing slowly through levels seems like the most logical way to get around.

Alien xenomorph

If all else fails, running away is your only option.

Sneaking is mostly the best way to advance through the Sevastopol, but it is not always. Players can pick up occasional patterns from the xenomorph and other enemies. In these instances, it is best to plan out a route and move swiftly. If Amanda is spotted, sometimes sprinting is the only option.

7. Playing with Fire

As stated above, the xenomorph cannot be defeated. Not only is the creature immune from most attacks, it is also unphased at all by most weapons. However, that is not the case for every weapon.

Alien Isolation molotov

Fire is your only friend against the alien.

Fire will startle your enemy and give Amanda a chance to find safety. Use the flamethrower or a crafted molotov to stun the big-headed creature and make a clean, quick getaway.

8. Opening the Doors

Some of the Sevastopol’s doors need to be opened with a maintenance jack or code device, but it can be very frustrating and intense to attempt to open those doors while on the run from an enemy.

Alien Isolation Sevastopol

Try to unlock all doors as you pass.

If possible, open or unlock all blocked off doors when passing by. This will create extra escape routes to use when the action grows more tense. However, make sure no enemies are lurking when using the maintenance jack. If someone or something is close, the sound will alert it of your location.

9. Human Sacrifice

Encounters with other humans aboard the space station are rare, but they do occur on occasion. Some of these interactions even take place while the alien is close by, and it could attack at a moment’s notice.

xenomorph Alien

A face only a mother could love.

Alien: Isolation is a game of survival, and in that world of survival, anything goes. Consider sacrificing other humans, giving up their location by throwing crafted items near them. As the xenomorph takes the live bait, players should use this extra few seconds to get as far away from the creature as possible.


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