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The 7 Best NPCs You Meet in Breath of the Wild

/ Mar 24th, 2017 No Comments

Breath of the Wild NPCs

The Legend of Zelda is a series known for memorable non-playable characters (NPCs). Over its long history, the series has introduced players to a lot of curious, quirky and questionable characters. Some play an integral role in the events of the game — like the Old Man in the very first game that uttered those memorable and fateful words, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this” and a peculiar soul living in a toilet looking for a little help cleaning up. The series’ NPCs leave a lasting impression.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues the franchise’s legacy of funny, idiosyncratic and bizarre NPCs. In fact, these NPCs are perhaps more noticeable given the game’s open-world approach. In the course of play, you may not come across some of your favorites, but that’s what makes finding these wild cards all the more exhilarating. Here are seven of the best NPCs you’ll meet in Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

Sophie, The Shy Shopkeeper

After speaking with Impa at Kakariko Village, she sends us off to fix our Sheikah Slate in Hateno Village to get it back to full power. Along the way, there are many things to do, people to talk to, and sights to see. It may take you a while, but like Kakariko, Hateno is densely populated with many interesting characters.

Ventest Clothing in Hateno has one of the more curious shopkeepers, Sophie. Sophie’s shop sells useful armor to help Link on his journey, but she has a weird habit of hanging out meekly in a corner of her shop whispering, “Welcome… welcome…”

Breath of the Wild NPCs

Who did this to you, Sophie? Is it that dude sleeping in the other corner of the shop?

I wouldn’t blame anyone if they thought the shop was run on the honor system based on how shy Sophie is.

When Link pushes her on why she likes that corner, she simply replies she feels more confident there. Honestly, she could have fooled us.

Magda, The Constant Gardener

Magda can be found near the Hila Rao Shrine. She has a burning passion for flowers and is kind of a jerk if you step on them. To access the Hila Rao Shrine, you need to complete the side quest “Watch Out for the Flowers.”

Breath of the Wild NPCs

Have some respect, young man!

The side quest basically requires you to appease Magda and abide by her ardent protection of the flowers growing around the Shrine. If you step on the flowers, thinking you’ll cut across, Magda will stop you, yell at you like a child and you’ll have to start over.

By showing respect for the flowers and going through the open path, you’ll gain access to the Shrine and avoid Magda yelling at you, which is a win-win.

Moza, The Terrifying Gourmand

If you’re exploring the outskirts of the Gerudo Desert, you may come across this queer character. Hunched over a cooking pot near the Ishto Soh Shrine, west of the Oseira Plains, is Moza.

Moza has a desire to craft exemplary recipes with unusual ingredients. She can’t figure out why her recipes turn out so poorly, though. If you get near her current meal, she’ll yell at you.

Breath of the Wild NPCs

Survival can be a tough game.

Testy as she may be, she is not stingy and totally willing to share some of her recipes with you — they just happen to be disgusting and near inedible. Hopefully you like monster parts in your meals and a have a strong stomach.

Branli, Aviary Scholar

One of the key things to do in Breath of the Wild is to activate the 12 Shiekah towers around Hyrule to fill out your map. The high towers are often scaled with great physical peril to Link, so it seems like only the Chosen Hero of Hyrule should be able to reach the top. However, that isn’t the case.

Like Gruve near Zora’s Domain, Branli, legendary and only bird-men research assistant, managed to reach the top of Ridgeland Tower. Branli has a burning desire. That desire is to study the bird-men and soar like them. It is honestly a bit much.

Breath of the Wild NPCs

Everyone needs to have dreams.

His passion to be like a bird-man means he’ll reward you for your ability to fly in a mini-game, but not before charging you a few rupees to do so.

Kilton, Monster Aficionado

Kilton’s love for monsters runs deep. Much deeper than yours, obviously. The monster lover runs a night-only shop found randomly near villages.

Kilton’s shop trades exclusively in monster coins, which are like bitcoins but even dumber. Monster coins can only be gained by exchanging monster parts you come across from defeating enemies.

Breath of the Wild NPCs

Okay, calm down! We get it, you love monsters, jeez…

However, unlike bitcoins, it’s worth playing into Kilton’s currency scam because his shop sells some cool items, like the fan service-y Dark Armor. Beware though, because that sweet armor set will put you back a few monster coins.

Bayge, Goron Fitness Enthusiast

Do you feel that? Can you hear that? It is the sound of pure manliness!

The time has come to prove your physical fitness to the Goron Blood Brothers by taking “the Gut Rock Challenge!”

Perhaps, the best example of peak physical condition and goofy masculinity are Bayge and the Goron Blood Brothers at Gut Rock Peak. Bayge blocks the way to a Shrine pedestal and the only way to get him to move is to prove your willingness to get RIPPED and SHREDDED!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Something feels odd about this.

By competing in the mountain climbing mini-game/Shrine quest, you can prove you have what it takes to go from Goron Boy to a Goron Man.

If you find yourself saddened at completing their challenge, fret not, for there is indeed another challenge of the Blood Brothers to be found elsewhere.

Loone and Roscoe, Star-Crossed Lovers

There is no question that Loone and Roscoe are the best NPCs in Breath of the Wild and, honestly, the entire series. They also may be the oddest and most upsetting. See, Loone has a very peculiar relationship — Roscoe is a Shrine Orb. In a true testament to love is blind, Loone is head over heels for her ancient lover.

You’ll find these bizarre lovers spooning near Puffer Beach. Loone is so enraptured with Roscoe that she barely notices you, yet she will not let go of Roscoe, whom you need to reach the Shoqa Tatone Shrine.

Breath of the Wild NPCs

This is v. uncomfy.

While she ignores you for Roscoe, she reveals her true desire. By showing her pictures of what she truly wants, you will gain Roscoe and complete the “Guardian Slideshow” Shrine Quest.

Even though a sweet Spirit Orb is the prize you seek, the real reward is some of the funniest and most disturbing NPC dialogue in a Legend of Zelda game to date.


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