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5 Ways to Troll Video Game Trolls

/ Dec 27th, 2016 No Comments

Five Ways To Troll Video Game Trolls

Sadly, trolls have become a staple of online gaming. There is basically no limit to what people will say when they are masked behind the anonymity of the internet. But when you lash out at trolls, it only seems to make things worse. So, here’s a few ways to fight back against online trolls and not get your account banned.

5. Kill the Troll

Has someone got it out for you? Got someone in your match that has decided you’re going to be subject to a verbal war for the ages? Nothing shuts a troll up faster than killing the troll in the game, so kill you must.

When another player seem hell-bent on verbally harassing you, make them your constant target.

Call of Duty Zombies

Headshots can truly end a troll.

Becoming a troll’s grim reaper may not stop his or her assault entirely, but it will undoubtedly take the wind out of anything they have to say.

4. Change the Subject

Another way to fight trolls is to change the topic constantly. If your harasser has tunnel vision for smack talk, don’t engage in a war of words. Instead, discuss sports or politics. If your troll chooses to engage you on one of these subjects, just change it again.

The Wolf Among Us

Sometimes the topic is favorite bars, sometimes it’s the best ways to throw a punch.

Deep down, all internet trolls crave the same thing: attention. This method of trolling a troll disorients the harasser as well as makes them feel ignored.

3. Be Polite

The phrase “kill them with kindness” is really just another form of bullying. No matter how much anonymity grants us emotional distance, we’re all prone to guilt.

What this means is that you should agree with everything your attacker says. In fact, beat them to the punch.

Mario Kart 8

Kindness, much like a boomerang, always comes back.

If your troll is trying to use sexuality as some sort of fault, be that. Avoid disparaging the sexual group yourself, but throw in with your troll’s camp.

Accepting what a troll says and beating the troll to the punchline can take the fun out of the harassment. A wall that attacks itself leaves an army screaming at nothing.

2. Bring Your Friends

Herds are a defense mechanism in nature. Predators don’t typically like attacking large groups if they don’t have to. This prime law of nature can be used to nearly anyone’s advantage.

The easiest way to achieve this in gaming is to play with friends. That way, if a troll begins to attack one of you, everyone else in your group can counter.

Gears of War Movie

Our best friends are typically people just as devious as us.

Having three players telling a troll that he or she is wrong for a myriad of reasons takes the steam out of nearly any tirade. The trick here isn’t to engage trolls on their level, but have everyone get their piece in quickly and succulently.

Once that’s done, just ignore the troll. If he or she wants to huff and puff even more, it doesn’t matter as the rant has lost its strength.

Pro tip: If you aren’t playing with friends, send messages to teammates on your squad to gang up on the troll.

1. Go Out on a Good Note

This one is simple and is often the most satisfying. When someone spends the entire match wearing you down with every insult and critique he or she can muster, the best revenge is to get in a kind last word.

Final Fantasy XV

You don’t always need the best words, just the last ones.

The best responses are the most succinct. Don’t go into long, angry tirades. Just end the match with a quick “It was a pleasure playing with you” or “Thank you for your constructive feedback.”

Palpable sarcasm isn’t the nicest bow out, but knowing you have it saved for the end makes the rest of the match easier to get through without losing your cool. This also is more effective when you have won the match.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

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