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5 Skyrim Quests I’m Telling You To Play

/ Oct 10th, 2012 4 Comments



Skyrim is a game of great merit. As I mentioned in my previous Skyrim article, most of us have already exhausted the game. We’ve played nearly every quest multiple times, we’ve created numerous characters with varying skill sets, and we’ve killed way too many dragons. However, despite dominating this Nordic land there may still be some quests you overlooked. This article is here to suggest some quests you may have missed but should/better complete. Caution: this article is full of spoilers.

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Find Rjorn’s Drum

[adsense250itp]In order to activate this quest you’ll need to be an official member of the Bard’s College in Solitude. Joining the Bard’s College doesn’t mean you have to sing historically inaccurate songs in crowded mead halls, prancing around on your tippy-toes like some pansy Dovahkiin. Instead, you can meet up with fellow bard Giraud Gemane. Have a little chat with Gemane and he’ll inform you about the missing Rjorn’s Drum. The drum can be found in Halldir’s Cairn. Halldir is a formidable draugr resting in the depths of his spooky cave. When you finally fight your way through ghosts and lesser draugr, Halldir will greet you with some saucy Nordic language and commence the ass kicking (so be prepared). When Halldir’s health gets low enough, he’ll conjure clones of himself to distract you and prolong his life. Concentrate on the real Halldir, kill him, and snatch up his special staff (calms and soul traps!). Next, crack open Halldir’s chest and loot all of his stuff, including Rjorn’s drum. Now sing and dance your bard-self back to Solitude and deliver the rather dull drum to Gemane. Gemane will reward you handsomely with a +1 boost to all warrior skills (two handed, one handed, archery, smithing, block, heavy armor). This is a heavy reward for such an easy, fun quest so definitely check it out.

The Break of Dawn

There are two ways to begin this quest: either discover Meridia’s beacon accidentally or travel to her Shrine. Whatever happens first, Meridia will make sure to harass the holy hell out of you. She’s upset a necromancer named Malkoran has defiled her temple by doing some dastardly things in there. Meridia instructs you to go cleanse her temple of Malkoran and be her champion. This might sound cool but Meridia is kind of a pushy jerk. The only reason my Dovahkiin acquiesced to her demands was because I knew a daedric goody was guaranteed. Sure enough, I was awarded the Dawnbreaker. The Dawnbreaker is not your average one-handed sword. It’s incredibly effective against the undead, like vampires and draugrs, and it also has a chance of making creepy creatures EXPLODE with FIRE. The fiery blast will damage nearby enemies and cause some to flee. This sword was amazingly fun for me and I don’t even use one-handed weapons. Currently the Dawnbreaker serves as an awesome decorative piece for my equally awesome mansion. This is an unfortunate place considering the sword is outrageously badass and deserves some playtime. Go get the Dawnbreaker yourself and put this wondrous weapon to good use.

A Daedra’s Best Friend

I thoroughly enjoyed this quest. Maybe it’s because I enjoy all daedra quests or maybe it’s because I really like dogs. Either way, A Daedra’s Best Friend offers a great reward (one that contributes to an Xbox 360 achievement) and lots of mini loot throughout your journey. There are two ways to activate this quest: either travel to Falkreath and speak to blacksmith Lod or locate the dog Barbas wandering in the rode outside of Falkreath. Whichever you choose you will quickly learn Barbas is the loyal pooch to daedric prince Clavicus Vile. Barbas and his master have had a bit of a “falling out” and he needs your assistance. Agree to help reunite Barbas to Clavicus Vile and follow Barbas to Haemar’s Shame. Once you and barking Barbas arrive at the destination prepare to fight some nasty vampires. Keep on the lookout for a destruction skill book as you clear out the cave. Once you arrive to Clavicus Vile’s shrine (buried within the cave) the daedric prince will tell you he seeks the Rueful Axe located in Rimerock Burrow. Travel to Rimerock Burrow, exterminate some foes, find the conjuration skill book, and grab the Rueful Axe. Upon return to the shrine, Clavicus Vile informs you that you may keep the axe if you use it to slay Barbas. Barbas has a better idea, however. If you listen to Barbas’ suggestion, you’ll receive Clavicus Vile’s true artifact, the Masque of Clavicus Vile and you’ll return Barbas to his master. Even if Barbas’ obnoxious accent and incessant barking annoyed you, it pays not to kill him. The Masque is a unique looking, heavy armor helmet enchanted with fortify barter, persuasion, and renegerates magic. It is also a daderic artifact that contributes to the Oblivion Walker achievement. If you decide to make dogmeat of Barbas you will only receive the Rueful Axe, a two-handed battleaxe that looks pretty neat and deals some stamina damage. Considering you’re the ultimate Dragonborn, you don’t need advice on which decision to make. I only make one plea: please do not kill Barbas. He is a dog.

Unfathomable Depths

If you find yourself in crime-riddled Riften, go wander the docks for a bit until you’re approached by/find From-Deepest-Fathoms. This is a frightened Argonian who insists on burdening you with the Lexicon. From-Deepest-Fathom begs you to return the Lexicon to the Dwemer Ruin of Avanchnzel, as the Lexicon has caused her much grief and dismay. If you deliver the Argonian from the Lexicon you activate the quest. If you ignore her psycho-babble she will later disappear from the docks and her belongings can be found in Riften’s Hall of the Dead. However, you’ll want to take up From-Deepest-Fathoms on her “offer” because it guarantees a pretty sick reward. Once you enter Avanchnzel you’ll witness a group of specters, including one of From-Deepest-Fathoms. Listen to their story as you follow them through the ruin, warding off Dwarven enemies and picking up miscellaneous loot. Beware live traps as you navigate through the ruins, too. Once you reach Avanchnzel’s deepest chamber, battle the Dwarven enemy (varies on your level) and place the Lexicon on its receptacle. Once the Lexicon is returned to its home your Dragonborn will receive Ancient Knowledge. This perk is a permanent 25% increase when wearing Dwarven armor and the smithing skill will increase 15% faster (unless you have the patch, then the perk is a 25% bonus to all heavy and light armor). This is a permanent perk and you have that nut of a lizard to thank!

Lost to the Ages

If you have the Dawnguard DLC (I’m sincerely sorry, PS3), you need to get on Skyrim and do this quest right now. If you do not have/cannot get Dawnguard, you should pout (and rightly so!). Find The Aetherium Wars book and read it to activate the quest. This quest in beneficial in a myriad of ways. You get miscellaneous loot, you get a cool story line, you get seriously significant loot, you get an Xbox 360 achievement, you kill a lot of stuff. Once you’ve read The Aetherium Wars, your Dovahkiin will be directed to Arkngthamz. Trot over to this gigantic, crumbling Dwemer ruin and make your way inside. You’ll be beckoned by a haunting voice to “turn back,” but don’t listen to it. In fact, burrow deeper within the location to discover who exactly is being a debbie-downer. The party pooper is Katria and she is a ghost because she is dead. After talking with Katria and reading her journal you’ll discover she seeks four pieces of Aetherium to form a key. This key will grant the key holder access to the ancient and fabled Aetherium Forge. Within the forge objects of immense power can be created, so it’s important that you get your Dragonbutt down there.

First, you need to find all the Aetherium pieces to form the key and you’re going to be traveling all over Skyrim to acquire them. You’ll go to four different locations killing Falmer, Dwemer machines, bandits, and whatever else may cross your path. At the end of your adventure you’ll unlock Deep Folk Crossing to access the forge. Inside you’ll battle more Dwemer enemies and The Forgemaster (all the while taking commands from ghost Katria). Fear not, all of this is totally worth it. Once you have full reign on the Forge you can create 3 unique, ultra powerful items: the Aetherial Crown, Shield, or Staff. The Crown grants the wearer the benefits of TWO Standing Stone powers (hell yeah), the Shield renders enemies ethereal and harmless, and the Staff conjures either a Dwemer spider or sphere to fight for you. I recommend the Crown for two reasons: it grants the most beneficial perk (of the 3) AND you can only forge one item ONE time. You may grow tired of the Shield or eventually become so strong you don’t need Dwemer spawn help, but you can always find use in the Crown perks. I have used the crown numerous times to level quickly, increase my stats, and just look super pretty in my super pretty tiara.

So there you have it, 5 quests worth dedicating real life time to in Skyrim that you might have missed the first or second time around. If you have suggestions or quest favorites, leave your recommendations in the comment section below!

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Rachel Gray

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