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5 Quick and Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Gamers

/ Oct 24th, 2014 1 Comment

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is mainly an excuse for children to dress up and beg for candy like the Artful Dodger, but it can be a blast for adults, too. It is a time to go wild, adopt a new persona and indulge in libations (if you’re of age or a degenerate like Greg Johnson). However, thinking up a fun and clever costume can be stressful.

If you’re going to be a faithful recreation of polygonal Sephiroth, you’ve probably been planning your costume since last Halloween. You can look good in an overpriced costume or purchase a cheap Wolverine outfit, but if you really want to stand out, you can make your own costume on a budget. Here are a few costume ideas that won’t break the bank and are easy to pull off on short notice.

The Wolf Inside Us

Bigby Wolf is one of the coolest comic book characters. Thanks to Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us, he is also one of the coolest video game characters. The sheriff of Fabletown is badass, and you could be too this Halloween.

The Wolf Among Us

Be big and bad.

Essentially, you’re dressing up like you’re going to a job interview to be a waiter, but you’ve just spent the last four days drinking your sorrows away and betting on the ponies. A wrinkled white button-up, some nondescript black slacks, a cheap black tie, hard shoes and a deep five o’clock shadow is all you need to pull off this costume. If you’re a semi-responsible adult, chances are you have these items in your closet. Grab a pack of Huff ‘n Puffs and you’re ready to be big and bad this Halloween.

The Carnivore Who’s Discarded Womanhood

Persona 4 Golden introduced us to a memorable cast of high schoolers. These mild mannered young adults dealt with the insecurities and strife we all went through in high school, but their existential crises took physical form in a bizarre TV world. Of the entire cast, Chie Satonaka consistently stole the show with her love of kung fu flicks and her obsession with steak.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Time to get spunky.

Chie’s iconic school uniform makes for a simple costume. Find a lime green and yellow track jacket, then add some flair to it. Match it with a black and grey skirt. A pair of black shoes and shin-length white socks completes the ensemble, and you’re ready to be a spunky dragon.

An Explorer and a Scamp

This costume may make you like that one dude who dresses up in the scorpion jacket from Drive. He can’t pull it off, but you admire his audacity. If there ever was a Ryan Gosling of video games, it is the genocidal scamp Nathan Drake. His exploits in the Uncharted series are legendary and his look is instantly recognizable.

Nathan Drake costume

All you need is an exploding plane.

The typical Nathan Drake is a simple look. Match a Henley with some tight fitting jeans and a pair of tan boots or dark colored sneakers. Add cheap costume shoulder holsters for authenticity. Spike your hair all sassy and throw on an infinity scarf. You may wind up looking more like a lame cosplay version of Drake, but you get points for trying.

An Inquisitive Archaeologist

Crystal Dynamics’ reboot of the Tomb Raider series introduced a new Lara Croft to the world. The archaeologist ditched the skimpy short-shorts and dual-wielding pistols for a more practical look fitting of her new personality.

Tomb Raider

Spend some points leveling up your look.

Pulling off Lara’s new look is not difficult. Lara wears a grey tank top with thin straps, and a pair of brown cargo pants. Completing the look is a watch and a pair of big brown boots. If you will be around true Tomb Raider fans, bring a toy bow, and bandage up your arm, thighs and calves and add some blood effects.

The Returning Champ

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS was a bit of a let down, but Little Mac was the game’s star character. The bruiser from the Punch-Out has different color combinations in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, but his sweet warm-up garb makes for the most impressive costume.

Little Mac costume

Be a knockout at the Halloween party.

Find a pink hoodie and sweats, then add boxing shoes and green boxing gloves. If you have trouble finding pink sweats, use a white pair and throw them in a bucket of pink dye. Hi-tops and green athletic tape is a cheaper alternative to boxing shoes and gloves. You’ll be able to drink easier without annoying gloves on, which is what we all want on Halloween.


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Kalvin Martinez

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    Great list. Nathan Drake half-tuck costume is so easy.

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