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5 Exciting Indie Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

/ Mar 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Nintendo Switch

One of Nintendo’s biggest hurdles since the Wii was released has been third-party support. Because Nintendo’s home consoles have been so different than its competitors, developers have not found it easy to port titles. That could be changing dramatically with the release of the Nintendo Switch.

Recently, Nintendo announced several indie titles that will be coming to the Switch, and the list includes potential blockbusters and smaller games worth playing. If you think the Switch is just going to be for Nintendo games, here’s five reasons to rethink that:

1. The Escapists 2

The Escapists, a game about breaking out of jail, is getting a sequel in 2017, and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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The Escapists 2 will feature the same core gameplay as the original, with players attempting to build up rep with fellow inmates in order to cause riots and plan a thrilling escape.

The Escapists 2

Oddly enough, sneaking out of jail is easier than fighting your way out.

The sequel will feature local multiplayer for up to four players on the Nintendo Switch, with players having the ability to drop in and out of gameplay.

No official release date has been announced for The Escapists 2, but it is scheduled to launch in 2017.

2. Runner 3

The follow-up to Bit.Trip Runner 2 will surprisingly be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Developer Choice Provisions said that Runner 3 will be the studio’s “biggest and most ambitious game yet,” which is reason enough to be excited for the three-quel.


Featured here: the loveably bizarre!

The game will feature some familiar characters from the series and similar gameplay mechanics.

Be ready to jump, kick and dodge when Runner 3 releases sometime in 2017.

3. Pocket Rumble

Another console exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, Pocket Rumble is a fighting game with retro graphics inspired by SNK fighters.

The game features a simple two-button fighting system with directional inputs to create special moves and combos.

Pocket Rumble

I do love a good street brawl…

Pocket Rumble includes a variety of distinct characters with a multitude of fighting styles and a unique Neo-Geo graphical style. It will offer local and online versus modes for the Nintendo Switch.

The game is expected to release in March, within the same month as the Switch’s launch.

4. Flipping Death

An odd title from developer Zoink Games, Flipping Death is a 2.5D adventure game where players must solve puzzles as they come to grips with their own demise. In the game, Death is on vacation, so it’s up to protagonist Penny to solve all the problems with ghosts in her town.

Flipping Death

Flip Death on the go!

Flipping Death is meant as a spiritual successor to Zoink’s Stick it to The Man! Expect the same side-scrolling action and humorous take on the macabre.

Zoink has not announced a release date for Flipping Death at this time, but more information is expected to come within the next few months.

5. Kingdom: Two Crowns

Set in a far off kingdom, players will take control of a monarch and must make tough decisions while battling the kingdom’s many foes in Kingdom: Two Crowns. How you treat citizens, enemies and the kingdom’s day-to-day operations overall will affect the storyline and the residents within the kingdom.

Kingdom: Two Crowns

Let them eat 8-bit cake.

All of this will be presented in a beautiful 8-bit like art style.

The sequel to Kingdom: New Land is to expected to release in 2017 release date and is being developed by Noio.


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Greg Johnson

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