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5 Cool Details From the Mad Max Trailer

/ Apr 24th, 2015 No Comments

Mad Max

Avalanche Studios‘ upcoming videogame adaption of the Mad Max universe received a new, lengthy trailer full of gameplay and packed with details about the game. Not much information has been given about Mad Max since its reveal, which made the video that much more exciting to see. If anything, Mad Max is shaping up to be its own fully-realized experience set in an established universe rather than just a cash-grab movie tie-in. After watching the trailer there’s plenty of information to gather, but here are five cool details we noticed about the game.

Empty Wasteland

Mad Max is an open-world game where players can visit distant vistas and explore the smallest cracks and crevices for loot and surprise quests. Rather than a bustling hub of activity like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto 5, Mad Max has more in common with the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3 or even New Vegas. Though Fallout had stretches of land marred by nuclear explosions, the landscape was still riddled will the shells of towns and civilization.

If the Mad Max trailer proves anything, it’s that the world is massive but also quite empty. Oceans of sand give way to horizon lines peppered with the ruins of airplanes, rusted cars, and the ghosts of humanity’s presence. For a game focused on driving, it makes sense to have the world be so empty. Those moments where Max goes without his car will be even more desperate. Visually, Mad Max may have more in common with Journey rather than the Fallout series. Max’s search for vengeance and survival will come off as more intense when dealing with the perils of sandstorms, heat exhaustion, and even starvation.

Backseat Driver

“Magnum Opus” isn’t the most badass name for a car but it certainly is the most essential tool in Max’s arsenal. Scrounging the world for scrap parts and upgrades while keeping a full tank of gas will likely be a favorite past time in the game. Vehicular combat will also be a crucial part of Mad Max when taking on hordes of angry drivers.

He may be a good driver but Max isn’t going to be able to do everything behind the wheel. During the trailer a character is seen in the trunk of the Magnum Opus operating weapons and hiding when things get rough. Will this gunner also serve as a partner for Max and keep him company during the game? The trailer hints at players being able to help out certain factions and people, maybe these people will offer bonuses when joining Max in his ride.

True to Source

Say what you will about Mel Gibson’s career but he’s done some pretty good work and the Mad Max series is no exception. The dystopian, post-apocalyptic trio of films had a distinct style and plenty of over-the-top action. While Mad Max: Fury Road has yet to prove itself, Avalanche Studios seems like it is staying true to the source material.

Mad Max

Characters look as crazed as they did in the films.

Not only is the game gritty and desolate but so are its characters. The bizarre, overly-pierced enemies definitely strike a similar chord to the BDSM-like survivors of the film. Max is decked out in leather and the muscle cars are rusted but covered in deadly expansions. Hopefully Mad Max continues the aesthetic throughout its open world.

Enter the Thunderdome

Tina Turner may be unfortunately absent from the gameplay trailer but what would an entry in the Mad Max universe be without a thunderdome? Will the notorious caged battle arena serve as a set piece in a mission or a place where players can test their might against massive lunks cheered on by a midget?

Mad Max

Will Avalanche Studios take us…into the thunderdome?

Will Mad Max’s second half be populated by kids? Beyond Thunderdome might have been a weird spot in in the Mad Max films, but it still had its charm. No doubt Avalanche will pay proper homage to the popular landmark.

Corpse Snacks

A person has to eat right? In the trailer we see Max chowing down on a can of dog food. How important will food be in the game? It might be a bit tedious if players are always having to scour for food rather than just eating for stat bonuses. But if things get really bleak and Max’s stomach really starts to growl, it looks like he can chow down on a rotten corpse, maggots and all. Yum.

Mad Max

Mmm…rotted corpse.

Mad Max will release on Sep. 9 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

Senior Editor at Gaming Illustrated
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Ben Sheene

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