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The 5 Best GTA V PC Mods

/ May 14th, 2015 1 Comment

For the PC gaming community, modding is a sacred institution. It allows resourceful gamers and wannabe developers to let their creative juices flow, giving a second wind to games that casual gamers have long since begun neglecting (i.e. Skyrim). For GTA V players, modding has been a hot button issue as of late. There were rumors that players were banned for modding the single-player campaign, causing the Internet’s false indignation crowd to become, well, falsely indignant. Rockstar, the developers behind the Grand Theft Auto series, clarified its stance on modding, stating that they have no issues with people modding their own single-player experience as long as it does not affect GTA Online.

So now that everything is cleared up and no one anywhere on the Internet will ever misunderstand this and spew forth their hatred with torches and pitchforks in hand, let us celebrate by taking a look at five of the best Grand Theft Auto V mods that have surfaced thus far.

5. The Ragdoll Mod by Sakratt

The ragdoll mod for Grand Theft Auto V turns the player-controlled character into a ragdoll during cutscenes, causing said character to plummet to the ground. Does this mod have any kind of serious practical purpose? Absolutely not. It doesn’t make the game look any better graphically, and it doesn’t make Michael, Franklin or Trevor any stronger, faster or more lethal.

What it does provide, however, is some good old-fashioned slapstick comedy. If you are the kind of person who witnesses someone falling on the street and breaks into a fit of laughter before offering assistance, this mod may very well be what you are looking for.

4. Pedestrian Riot by Trumple

Do you ever feel sympathy for the countless NPCs that you (and every other player) dispatch during any given GTA session? If you said yes, you might want to give this mod a whirl because retribution is at hand. In the Pedestrian Riot GTA V mod, you’re taken from the peaceful, fun-loving streets of Los Santos and placed in the unforgiving, chaotic streets of Baltimore, Md. OK, that isn’t true. You stay in Los Santos, but your neighbors and passers by who used to be so friendly (aside from the occasional expletive thrown in your direction) will now attack you and each other. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so tread with care lest someone bite off your snausage.

3. Real Life Graphics by Edahy

There are enough wild and outlandish things going on in GTA V that you might find yourself yearning for a little more realism. This mod provides just that. With the Real Life Graphics mod by Edahy, trees look more like real trees; grass looks more like real grass; drive-by shootings like real drive-by shootings. By simply adjusting color palettes, lighting and shadows, a mod like this can do outstanding things in regards to making a player feel more like they are destroying the real world instead of a virtual one. Isn’t it nice to give young sociopaths a beautiful, immersive experience?

2. Vehicle Cannon by FloCraftMods

Remember that time I talked about how great a mod was because it gave Grand Theft Auto V a touch of realism? Then, do you remember when the next mod on my top five list involved the addition of weapons that fire vehicles? Yes, that’s right. This is a mod that is exactly what it sounds like. You install this mod, press the F11 key on your keyboard, and then you proceed to shoot vehicles at people, objects other vehicles. This is pandemonium on a whole new level and is an idea that could, quite frankly, revitalize the Detroit economy.

If you are a stickler for realism in a game, you may want to avert your eyes. I, as evidenced by my choice for the number three mod, am a big fan of realism in a game. Sometimes, however, you just have to embrace the absurdity. Embrace it with this mod.

1. Open All Interiors by NewTheft

The more there is to explore in any game, the happier I am. If you can give me a massive open world, I am probably going to give you a few hundred hours of my life. I put so many hours into exploring the gargantuan world of Skyrim that Bethesda began giving me paid vacations (well, maybe not). With this said, naturally the number one mod was going to be one that took the gigantic world that Rockstar created and gave players even more to explore.

In the case of this mod, the exploration takes place indoors. Open All Interiors opens up many of the buildings in Los Santos that were previously closed off, giving players the chance to do some good old-fashioned rummaging through other people’s belongings. Some gamers rarely see the light of day anyway. The idea of an outside world causes nothing but squinting and confusion. Exploring indoors only makes sense. It’s what we’re comfortable with. If exploration is not your thing, this mod gives you plenty of new places to hide from the police as well. You see; GTA can be very educational.


Michael Mays

Michael Mays

Michael Mays graduated from Concord University with a B.A. in both Sociology and History with an emphasis in Philosophy before moving on to obtain his M.S. in Criminal Justice. Realizing that these degrees and six figures of crippling debt only made him roughly three nightly Jeopardy answers better, he decided it was time to pursue his lifelong passion... competitive snorkeling. That didn't work out, so now he writes about video games.

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