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5 Amazing Weapons for Halo 4’s Campaign

/ Nov 27th, 2012 No Comments

Halo 4
Halo 4

Halo 4

Written by Bryan Haag

Halo 4 is already shaping up to be one of the top releases of 2012. Master Chief is back in action and it is up to him and Cortana to save the Human race from an ancient evil.  The single player campaign is full of enemies both old and new out to kill you.  To take on the Covenant and Prometheans, gamers are going to need some heat to defeat these antagonists.  While there’s never been a lack of awesome weapons for players to use, some are especially lethal when it comes to death-dealing. Here are five fancy gadgets for those with a trigger finger itching for action:


[adsense250itp]The Chief really is privileged to get such a large array of weapons and it’s about time players finally get to drive a Pelican. This isn’t your average dropship, though. In his efforts to stop the Didact, the crew of the UNSC Infinity bestows Master Chief with the D79H-TC Pelican, also known as the Pelican Gunship. This aircraft not only serves as one of Master Chief’s main forms of transportation, but comes equipped with its own unique arsenal of weapons. Notably: two side mounted turrets, a rocket turret above the cockpit, and a nose-mounted machine gun alongside a Spartan Laser.


Mechs have been a long time coming for the Halo series. Gamers who haven’t played the campaign will be familiar with this shiny new toy from the Ragnarok map. It hardly seems fair to have this much stopping power since the Covenant won’t stand a chance. Players will be using this a couple times during the campaign levels and its unlimited machine gun and rockets do not disappoint.

Incineration Cannon

Now here is a weapon to really get behind (literally, this thing is huge.) The Forerunners, like the UNSC and Covenant, love their explosives and what kind of race would they be without a rocket launcher? This beauty will only fire one shot in a clip, but that’s all it will take because these bouncing energy casks incinerate anything and everything that they meet. Gamers will love using the cannon to strike fear into enemies.


Halo 4

What are the best tools in Master Chief’s arsenal?

An old classic returns here. The Needler has seen its ups and downs, but Halo 4’s Needler is one hell of a gun. Even on Legendary difficulty this prickly-purple-people-eater rips through infantry. Halo 4’s Needler is by far the strongest the gun has even been. Elites, jackals, grunts, and even the Prometheans are vulnerable so take advantage of how frequently it drops and treasure this campaign powerhouse.

Plasma Pistol

No, this isn’t a joke. The Plasma Pistol is probably the single most useful item for Master Chief on Legendary difficulty. Need to stop a wraith? Plasma Pistol. Need to blast the shields off a Sangheili Elite for a headshot? Plasma pistol. Noob combo or not, this gun is plentiful and a lot more useful than players give it credit for. While boasting some new sound effects it feels more like a magnum, but players are still going to want to charge it up instead of shooting it semi-auto.

343 Industries has brought back a lot of old favorites with Halo 4 like the Battle Rifle and DMR. There has even been the addition of a Forerunner equivalent for each item class for the new “Call Of Duty-esque” load out system.  Since so many options and choices are available for anyone picking up Halo 4, it will be hard to find something not to like.

Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

Senior Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Ben is from Kentucky where he originally began playing games (an activity he still continues to this day). With a love for writing he graduated from Centre College with a BA in English. He recently moved to California to pursue whatever future endeavors were there. A passion for music, gaming, blogging, and existing keeps him up at night and crafts him into the person he is today.
Ben Sheene

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