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3 Reasons Not to Be Excited for Candy Crush Soda Saga

/ Oct 27th, 2014 No Comments

Candy Crush Soda Saga

The height of my video game knowledge and skills was at the start of the new millennium when I spent my evenings playing Lego Racers and Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX on my brother’s brand-new PlayStation 2. Video games have come a long way since then. The industry has made vast improvements and boosted its reach by launching versions on new platforms for users to game at home or on the go.

Mobile games, in particular, are attracting hundreds of new gamers, from the young to the old and the beginners to the advanced players. Of all the games available to download, Candy Crush Saga is my muse. I first downloaded the game that would consume my free time for the ensuing years back in early 2013. At first, I wasn’t interested in the game — a friend downloaded it on my phone so that I could send her a life.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush

I quickly became addicted after I accomplished my first candy combination. It’s almost been two years that I’ve been crushing candies; my record is not as impressive as others, but I’m on level 450 for the general game and level 268 in Dreamworld. You’d think that someone like me would be excited for a Candy Crush sequel, but I’m actually crushed.

To help you get on the same level as me — not literally — I’ve outlined the top three reasons why I’m not excited about Candy Crush Soda Saga.

1. You Can’t Beat the Game

I haven’t even beaten — or even know if it’s possible to beat — the original game. Successfully completing all levels is an integral part of video games. Candy Crush doesn’t provide that for users. It’s never-ending, and that’s not necessarily a good quality. In fact, it turns players away from continuing the game due to boredom.

The Candy Crush sequel

The Candy Crush sequel

I used to look forward to my breaks at work because I’d have a chance to move up a level. Now, I just sort of lazily swipe at my iPhone screen, and the thrill of seeing two chocolate bombs magically appear next to each other has diminished substantially. (I guess that’s partially my fault for being too addicted, but video games should be compelling.)

2. Candy Crush is Frustrating

The game can be rather infuriating as there are some levels you just can’t complete without purchasing an upgrade (or waiting day after day to spin the wheel, which I’ve also discovered is impossible to land on the jackpot).

Candy Crush

Try again later…way later.

It takes too long (2.5 hours) to wait around for a full set of lives to restore, and it doesn’t sync properly on multiple devices so you end up enduring through levels more than once.

3. The Concept Isn’t New

Fads come and go — and Candy Crush should just go. Simply put, it’s time to put the phone down or download another app to obsess over for a while. If you have a convincing argument as to why I should try out Soda Saga, or if you want to laugh at how ridiculous I’m being over this, please let me know in the comments.


Kirsti Correa

Kirsti Correa

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Kirsti Correa is a journalist and editor from Orange County, Calif. She brings her professional experience and unique perspective to Gaming Illustrated.

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