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Special Forces: Team X – Xbox 360/PC



Xbox One


Twitch Prime Adding Free Games Service

Mar 13th, 2018No Comments

God of War Combat Detailed in New Video

Mar 19th, 2018No Comments

Teams of 20 Mode Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Mar 7th, 2018No Comments

Seth Robinson on the Making of Dink Smallwood

Sep 19th, 20171 Comment


Ubisoft Holds Off Takeover By Vivendi

/ Mar 20th, 2018 Ubisoft‘s years-long battle to keep Vivendi from initiating a hostile takeover of the company is finally coming to a 0 comments continue reading >>

God of War Combat Detailed in New Video

/ Mar 19th, 2018 Sony is offering a look at God of War‘s combat with new videos explaining how Kratos’ axe adds new 0 comments continue reading >>

New Releases: Week of 3/18/18

/ Mar 18th, 2018 I told y’all March was going to burn the house down! Now there is no denying it. This week 0 comments continue reading >>

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review: Kiryu and Cub

/ Mar 15th, 2018 Despite being around since 2005, Yakuza has only recently received wider recognition in the west that rivals its popularity 0 comments continue reading >>

Twitch Prime Adding Free Games Service

/ Mar 13th, 2018 announced the Free Games with Prime program, giving Twitch Prime members access to a collection of free games 0 comments continue reading >>

New Releases: Week of 3/11/18

/ Mar 11th, 2018 March is one heavy month. It is pregnant with new releases that y’all should get. This week’s a warm 4 comments continue reading >>

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Announced With Release Date

/ Mar 9th, 2018 Activision announced the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 release date will be Friday, Oct. 12, 2018 for PlayStation 0 comments continue reading >>

Fe Review: Sing for the Moment

/ Mar 9th, 2018 Fe is a surprising turn for Zoink Games. The developers previous work includes titles such as Stick It to 0 comments continue reading >>

The Division 2 Announced by Ubisoft

/ Mar 8th, 2018 Developer Massive Entertainment is working on The Division 2 and more details will be revealed about the game at 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the Nintendo Direct for March 8 Here

/ Mar 8th, 2018 Nintendo is scheduled to debut a Nintendo Direct presentation that provides updates on upcoming games for Nintendo 3DS and 0 comments continue reading >>

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